Mobile Phones Domestic Evolution

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I recently realized that I can watch the mobile phones evolution through the ones I have at home. I don’t know why do they still there, but it appears a good start for collection 🙂
Most of them are completely working and even in use.
In this post I will try placing them in chronological order, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

1. Motorola T180
The first one. Was really awesome when only few people had cell phones. Completely works, except the battery. Motorola T180 FrontMotorola T180 Back
2. Alcatel OT 525
Really, really good phone. Even nowadays. Compact, functional, long time without charge. Works, except the screen. Alcatel OT 525 FrontAlcatel OT 525 Back
3. Samsung E330
I bought it for my girlfriend in 2005. Was awesome its time… Screen doesn’t work, otherwise works. Was the first having color screen. Samsung E330 FrontSamsung E330 OpenSamsung E330 Back
4. Siemens AL 21
Still in use. Suitable for people who just talk and SMS. Siemens AL 21 FrontSiemens AL 21 OpenSiemens AL 21 Back
5. Fly Bird V09
Stupid navigation, but was good. Fully functional. Fly Bird V09 FrontFly Bird V09 OpenFly Bird V09 Back
6. Sony Ericsson K750
Still love this phone! Excellent device! Has everything you need. Completely works, still in use. Sony Ericsson K750 FrontSony Ericsson K750 BackSony Ericsson K750 Back Open
7. Samsung D520
As for me, Samsung has been always doing good hardware, but not software. Phone looks good, but hardly helpful. Organizer sucks. Completely works, still in use. Samsung D520 FrontSamsung D520 OpenSamsung D520 Back
8. Sony Ericsson Z550i
Bought for my wife. It’s not K750, but a good one though. Camera is crappy, but otherwise it’s great. Love it. Fully functional, still in use. Sony Ericsson Z550i FrontSony Ericsson Z550i OpenSony Ericsson Z550i Back
9. Nokia N73
Good one. Nokia always makes good phones with almost nothing inside for the big money. Fully functional, in use. Nokia N73 FrontNokia N73 Back
10. Eten Glofiish X800
Was awesome in 2007. Has everything including hardware GPS, 3G, WiFi. Works good until your needs exceed its possibilities. Completely works. Eten Glofiish X800 FrontEten Glofiish X800 Back
11. Apple iPhone 3G
Really good one. Love it. Except few weaknesses like WiFi bugs and slow processor. Fully functional, in use. Apple iPhone 3G FrontApple iPhone 3G Back
12. HTC Desire
Awesome. Just awesome. Works, in use. HTC Desire FrontHTC Desire Back
13. HTC Wildfire
Nice compact design, but too low resolution. Overall is good. In use. HTC Wildfire FrontHTC Wildfire Back
14. Apple iPhone 4
I have no words. Ideal phone. Photo is coming

In conclusion I want to say that I see a huge progress here in less than 10 years! This is amazing how fast technology moves forward. From the phones with hardcoded games to the phones running operating system.
Just cool!

P.S.: All I say about the phones is only my own opinion. If you have your own opinion regarding the phones – I’m not pretending to convince you!

  1. Alan says:

    Nice history and comments.

    I love my Garmin/Asus phone because it has a REAL GPS in it.

    20+ years ago I had a Radio Shack cell phone. It was basically a lead acid sealed battery with a big handle, with a phone hanging off the side. It had 5 watts output. The thrill of making a phone call without wires (at $1 per minute + distance tolls) is hard to describe to folks today.

    For years people would announce “I’m calling you from MY CAR” because it was a big deal.

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