About 11 years of professional experience in software development, 5 years of active web
development using progressive technologies. Certified by Brainbench (
in C, PHP4 (Master level), Linux administration, RDBMS, HTML 4.0, winner of the Programmania
contest 2007 (3rd place, PHP category).


2003 – 2005

Kharkiv Polytechnic University (KhPI). Master Degree, Computer Science.

1999 – 2003

Kharkiv Polytechnic University (KhPI). Bachelor Degree, Computer Science.


Programming languages:

C/C++, PHP(4.xx/5.xx), C#, JavaScript, Perl, J2ME

Mobile development:

BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone

.NET technologies:

Aquainted with .NET Framework and C#, application threading, etc.

PHP technologies:

Experienced in design, profile and optimization of high load PHP applications.

Extensions: curl, mcrypt, MySQL, ODBC, FTP, PDO, Xdebug, gd2, Memcache, etc.
Frameworks: Propel, PHPUnit, Zend Framework (1.5.x), Diy, Facebook API
Template engines: Smarty, XSLT
Libraries: PEAR, PECL
JavaScript technologies:Ajax, DHTML, jQuery
XML technologies: XML, XSL, Xpath, XHTML
Markup Languages and other WEB technologies: HTML, CSS
Payment Systems integration: WebMoney, Dibs
*NIX: Acquainted with system programming for Linux, KDE applications development, Qt applications development, sockets, threads, etc.
General Linux servers administration.
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
Development support tools: SVN, git, phing, Xinc, bugtracking systems
Development environments: MS Visual Studio, gcc, Eclipse, NetBeans, RIM JDE, various editors and etc.
Methodologies and processes: OOD, OOP, Patterns, Agile development (Scrum), TDD(Test
Driven Development), Use Cases, User Stories, Test Cases, UML (acquainted)
Other tools: Doxygen, PHPDocumentor

Professional experience

11/2006 – present, Flexaspect, Kharkiv

Software Engineer, Team Leader, Project Manager, System Architect.
High load PHP applications design and development. Projects and team management.

2004 – 11/2006, Freelance

Miscellaneous web-driven systems, site networks with single administration point, high load

2000 – 2004 TVLine company, Kharkiv

Software engineer, system administrator. Company website development, Windows-based
applications development.

Yuriy Zisin PHP, HTML, Linux