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Mac OS X Lion introduced some bug which I personally can’t understand. It resolves hosts via external DNS servers and then tries local hosts file. At least it looks so. This is annoying and makes no sense. I’ve been struggling this issue for a long time and finally I found a solution, thanks to Jeremy Dunn from Stack Overflow.
He pointed out to Lion’s bug in hosts file resolution. What you have to do is just write your local domains in the first line where is specified.
So your hosts file will look like this localhost
::1 localhost
fe80::1%lo0 localhost

This *somehow* makes Mac use it as the first option and the lag in resolution just goes away!
Here is the link to Jeremy’s answer:


I faced a problem with one of my projects some time ago. Deep debug helped to understand that the issue is not in the code, but in PHP core.

PHP 5.2.5 has a problem with array_merge_recursive function. It was eliminating NULL values. I even found a bug filed in PHP bugtracker.

It’s just the interesting fact, so be careful 😉